Random Thoughts / Step Count

Is I stated last night, yesterday was a difficult day to get in steps. Today, I feel similar but have done better. One of my biggest barriers to success with this challenge will be progressively increasing my step count and keeping it at a higher level.

Yesterdays final step count was 8,515… This makes me proud that I have at least been able to meet my goal of 7,500 a day this week. Today makes three days in a row with 7,500+ steps. Today will probably end up 10,000+. Hooray!!

For those wondering how I will am planning to add so many extra steps to my life. The answer is lots of Munzee, Geocaching, and Flagstack. For people whom are unfamiliar with these activities they are all GPS based games that are played worldwide. All of these I have been doing off and on throughout the year. Recently much more Munzee then anything else.

Well that’s all for today… I have been doing some other reading on ways to increase steps in your day and plan to publish some links / tips this weekend.

Thanks for Reading.. Rob


Unable to sleep…

I didn’t get the time to do a true post today. Now it’s midnight and I can’t sleep and have a million things going through my head. Today was a  tough day to get my steps done. It was a cold day and went to the movie with my son. I ended up having to go to the gym and spend 45 minutes on the treadmill to come close to getting some minimal 7500 step count. This first month of this challenge is going to be the worst trying to get my body to step up to doing this much walking.