19 Lbs of Fat??

I have recently been a little down. Despite all my walking I have seemed to have no recent change in my weight. Actually I have had a slight increase. I was down 7 lbs. then back up 3. Last week when my wife had her surgery and I was talking to him he suggested to come in to see if my fat% had changed. Well according to their scales I have actually had a 5.2% decrease in my fat %.  So here are the numbers.

On 12-15-15  – I weighed 369.9 and had a body fat % of 53.6%

On 1-25-16 – I weighed 366.9 and had a body fat % of 48.4%

So by my math then (366.9 x 53.6= 196.7 / 366.9 x 48.4= 177.6) So if you minus the numbers 196.7-177.6=19.1 lbs of fat that I have converted to lean muscle. So despite only a 3 lb weight loss over these two dates I have lost 19 lbs of fat and converted it to muscle…. Although it does not feel as good as loosing lbs I should be happy.

Thanks for reading… Rob



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