Happy New Year – My Resolution Challenge

Well 2016 is now officially here!!! Although this blog is in it’s infancy I am proud of myself. I hope everyone that stops by and views this page has a happy and healthy new year. For those whom are looking for the first time or people whom are returning to view I say “Welcome”.  For those wondering what this blog is about it is simple:

I am planning to walk “6 Million Steps in 2016”.

This may not seem like much but it actually is for the normal American as we only average about 5,ooo a day or 2 million a year. The only people whom walk 6 million steps a year are those people whom run / walk about 4+ miles on a regular basis multiple days per week and have active jobs. So for someone like myself this is will be a huge challenge to triple my activity level. (For the math geeks it is about 16,500 steps per day) By doing this I hope help myself with my weight issues

So what’s the plan you ask??

Well the general plan is to spend some more time at the gym, and doing a few different GPS games that I partake in. They are Munzee, Geocaching, and Flagstack. The biggest thing will just be the time and doing things like walking around the mall a few times, having my wife drop me off somewhere and walking home, and maximizing every opportunity I can to get steps in.

This last five days I have been trying to average 7,500 plus steps a day to prepare to start this challenge today. I was able to succeed with this very well, despite cold weather by going to the gym and doing some Munzee activities.

  • December 27th – 9,153
  • December 28th – 8,515
  • December 29th – 12,840
  • December 30th – 8,717
  • December 31st – 7411

This was an average step count of 9,327 per day for the last 5 days.

So the plan is that over the month of January to average about 11-12 thousand steps per day and each month of the year continue to bump the average up until I am averaging 17,000 steps a day in the summer.

My Writing Plan

During the week Monday through Friday I will only be sharing small little posts of step counts or small stories of the day. On Saturday’s I will do a re-cap of the week, goals, step count, etc.

Join Me..

I ask you to join me on this journey. However you wish to join is up to you… Follow me, walk your own journey, share your own resolutions, share your life events, etc.

Thank You for reading and I hope to get to know some people better.



Ready to Start… Sharing

It has been nearly a week since I started to plan for this adventure of “6 Million Steps in 2016”. I now believe I am ready to share this Blog with Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the world. I also think I am set to start actually writing daily, and sharing a little more of my plan and story.

I have scrapped my S-Gear Health fitness tracker and purchased and linked a new Garmin Vivofit activity tracker to my phone. Re-setup my My Fitness Pal account, and linked both to my Achievement.com profile. I am planning on getting some new shoes this week and believe I am all set to start. This week I am off work and plan to try and get 7500 plus steps a day. Hopefully by doing this prep this week, and being able to make a conscious focused effort on sharing this week I will be set to gain momentum starting Friday to start 2016 strong.

Why did I pick “6 Million Steps”? Well based on my previous efforts to track steps with my Fitbit and S-Gear Health I seem to average about 3500 to 5000 steps a day when not doing a workout.  According to About.com that is fairly average:  “A study published in 2010 of over 1000 Americans found an average of 5117 steps overall, with men only slightly ahead of women at 5340 steps compared with 4912 steps.” This would make the average American walk just under 2 Million steps in a year. My thought was to try and truly push myself to do something “Amazing”.  So given that it is 2016 I figured on “6 Million Steps in 2016”.

This breaks down to an average of 16,400 steps per day to achieve my challenge!!  300% of the normal average American!!!



First official Post!!! Hooray!!


Well it has been a few days since I thought of this challenge for myself in 2016. It has taken me some work trying to set up this Blog. Despite being good at computers and previously having my own website for my skills are to say a little rusty and I am having issues figuring out how to create and arrange items.

Today is the official 8 month mark since my last (and final) weight loss surgery. Eight months ago today I had my previous lap band converted to a full gastric bypass. Two days later I would be in the ICU for a day after the surgeon having to go back in because of a bleed. I don’t remember anything of that entire day. I remember going into the endoscopy lab about 5 am as they were going to fix the bleed by doing an EGD (putting a scope down my throat). Apparently sometime during this procedure I woke up and tried to strangle my surgeon. After this I was rushed to the operating room as my vitals were not doing well. In the operating room I received some blood transfusions and they went in again laparoscopically to fix the issue and ended up in the ICU. I of course don’t remember any of this until waking up around 10 pm in the ICU. I spent most of the night crapping out bright red blood into bedpans and feeling like I was hit by a truck. What was supposed to be maybe 2 days in the hospital turned into seven…

This brings us to today where I have again struggled with weight loss. I started this journey just pre surgery at 423 lbs. I have been as low as 357 back a few months ago, but now I have been steady in the 365-375 range for the last 3 months despite efforts. Today I am 375.

My mind is racing with the things I need to plan and do to help me succeed. My barrier are long, but I am not going to let myself fail again at major weight loss after going through this trauma. My hope is that this challenge to journey 6 Million Steps will break me through this plateau and help lead me to finally having success in changing my life’s health / weight journey.