19 Lbs of Fat??

I have recently been a little down. Despite all my walking I have seemed to have no recent change in my weight. Actually I have had a slight increase. I was down 7 lbs. then back up 3. Last week when my wife had her surgery and I was talking to him he suggested to come in to see if my fat% had changed. Well according to their scales I have actually had a 5.2% decrease in my fat %.  So here are the numbers.

On 12-15-15  – I weighed 369.9 and had a body fat % of 53.6%

On 1-25-16 – I weighed 366.9 and had a body fat % of 48.4%

So by my math then (366.9 x 53.6= 196.7 / 366.9 x 48.4= 177.6) So if you minus the numbers 196.7-177.6=19.1 lbs of fat that I have converted to lean muscle. So despite only a 3 lb weight loss over these two dates I have lost 19 lbs of fat and converted it to muscle…. Although it does not feel as good as loosing lbs I should be happy.

Thanks for reading… Rob


Ready to Start… Sharing

It has been nearly a week since I started to plan for this adventure of “6 Million Steps in 2016”. I now believe I am ready to share this Blog with Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the world. I also think I am set to start actually writing daily, and sharing a little more of my plan and story.

I have scrapped my S-Gear Health fitness tracker and purchased and linked a new Garmin Vivofit activity tracker to my phone. Re-setup my My Fitness Pal account, and linked both to my Achievement.com profile. I am planning on getting some new shoes this week and believe I am all set to start. This week I am off work and plan to try and get 7500 plus steps a day. Hopefully by doing this prep this week, and being able to make a conscious focused effort on sharing this week I will be set to gain momentum starting Friday to start 2016 strong.

Why did I pick “6 Million Steps”? Well based on my previous efforts to track steps with my Fitbit and S-Gear Health I seem to average about 3500 to 5000 steps a day when not doing a workout.  According to About.com that is fairly average:  “A study published in 2010 of over 1000 Americans found an average of 5117 steps overall, with men only slightly ahead of women at 5340 steps compared with 4912 steps.” This would make the average American walk just under 2 Million steps in a year. My thought was to try and truly push myself to do something “Amazing”.  So given that it is 2016 I figured on “6 Million Steps in 2016”.

This breaks down to an average of 16,400 steps per day to achieve my challenge!!  300% of the normal average American!!!